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Quest of the Thousand Tales

Whether from far or from near, you have somehow found a flyer for the Golarion Freelancers Society ā€“ an organization that appears to provide jobs and benefits to adventurers who work for them. For whatever reason, this flyer has caught your attention and you have decided to make the trip to Vigil to meet with this group for the taste of adventure. Seeing as you have already accomplished some things maybe this is the next big step for you. Maybe you just want to make a quick gold coin and gain some of the benefits of the Society before moving on to the next thing that catches your fancy.

Whatever your reasons may be, Vigil is on the horizon. Capital of Lastwall, this military fortress is a beacon of hope to adventurers of Good. Kept under constant watch and surrounded by towers, ballistae, catapults, and trebuchets, this town is no place for evil-doers or those who wish to go against the military dictatorship that rules that land. Located near the base of the Hungry Mountains, which is occasionally visited by military units for both training and dealing with the inhabitants, this city provides protection for most of the local area. But enough babbling, Iā€™m sure you all have heard much about this place through your travels and stories.

It is Spring, and no snow remains in sight, not that this winter was particularly harsh anyways. The main roads to Vigil are kept clear of robbers and thieves as best as possible by patrol, and it is relatively safe within a ten-mile radius.

Our story will begin as you approach Vigil. Oddly enough (or merely by plot/fate/magic) all of you happen to arrive at the same time.
What I would like from you:
General outline of character, including back story
What was one big accomplishment you achieved per level gained?
Where/how you found the flyer
By what method/route you took to get to Vigil
What is your reasoning for seeking the GFS

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(Please note that this campaign is a homebrew so much of the history of Golarion and politics may just be thrown out the window because I have my own stuff to deal with )

Main Page

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