Quest of the Thousand Tales

Pharast 3-6, 4615.

Session 1 - The start of it all!

Toilday, 3rd

  • The adventures arrived at Vigil to discover that the GSF has moved!
  • Town guards seem to not want to bother dealing with minor offenses or other instances that they consider “a waste of time”
  • After advice from a guard, the adventures head to Dalruan, a few miles to the east, to see if the GFS was there
  • The Barbarian slices a crow in half as it flies over her head on the road to Dalruan, resulting in the revenge of a murder of crows. Local ecosystem is down a small population of crows due to this incident.
  • Arriving at Dalruan, the party finds the GFS. After a slight dispute over contracts with Tone Tjaard some party members decide to join the Society (names here)

Wealday, 4th

  • After asking around town, the party decides to take the direct route to Nys from Dalruan through a merchant road. While less guarded, this route will take many days fewer to travel.
  • The Barbarian hunts rabbits, manages to skewer one on her sword with the help of a stone-of-light from the cleric.

Oathday, 5th

  • The group is stalked and attacked by a lion twice. After ending its life, the party decides not to search for possible den/family/babies. The future of local lion population is unknown.

Fireday, 6th

  • A mounted patrol arrived just before dawn in a semi-threatening manner. After learning the group were not Tieflings, they left without incident.



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